London born​ C​ultural entrepreneur and music executive Dre London, is the Founder and CEO of Kruel London. In 2006 ​Dre left the UK and moved Stateside in pursuit of the American dream, and the hope of sharing his passion for music and fashion with the world. His vision has led him to not only create the luxury shoe brand Kruel London, but in the process he discovered and developed the world’s biggest rockstar, Post Malone.


After admiring a ‘bullets for peace’ necklace a woman in New York City was wearing at an event in 2012, Dre could not stop thinking about it. With the image of that bullet necklace ingrained in his mind and envisioning something even more daring, Dre would redesign the standard women’s heel and replace it with a sleek modern bullet. Fueled with a desire to turn his vision into a reality, Dre began to do research on the world of womens shoes. He took fashion courses and studied the intricacies of shoe design and heel construction. The idea sounded crazy and most people didn’t see what would become known as his “Dre Vision”. However, his research and journey would lead him to Italy, where he connected with The Strappa family who were integral partners in helping him to produce the patented bullet heel which has become the brands’ trademark.


Located in ​Italy’s Civitanova Marche which is known as the “​shoe capital of Italy”, The Strappa factory is family owned and has been a part of Italy’s manufacturing Industry since 1935, ​Eros Strappa keeps his family traditions alive, by staying true to craftsmanship and techniques used for generations. Working with Dre, numerous prototypes were developed and now the final product is one that can rival any established luxury shoe brand.


“It was the most intricate design I’ve ever created in my entire life.” explains Eros Strappa. “We challenged ourselves, and after many years, we developed a patented design that is set to become the most exciting high-end shoe to hit the market in a generation. God knows how much we believed in this project and we would not accept anything less than the absolute best.


The Strappa factory prides itself on family and heritage, values which Kruel London was also built on. The earliest designs--the “Angelina” and the “Janet” were named after Dre’s grandmother and mother respectively, who continue to inspire him creatively today. The Kruel London bullet-heel and collection is proof that the impossible​ is​ possible.